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HorseLight appoint new Sales Manager

HorseLight is delighted to announce that Sally Prichard is joining the company to develop sales across all equine disciplines.

With the growing awareness of environmental influences on health, welfare and performance of every creature including humans and equines, Sally’s initial role will be as consultant to raise the company’s profile and lighting solutions it provides. She will be visiting and helping potential clients understand the importance of light levels in everyday yard life and how technical advances can bring improvements.

Sally has been involved in the equine world since her earliest memory – riding ‘two up’ on her father’s horse when, in Texas, he was an honorary member of the El Paso Sheriff’s Posse! Years later, after gaining commercial marketing and PR skills in the leisure and entertainment industry in London, she set up her own consultancy and moved back to the rural life and to owning her own horses again. Ever since, she has focussed on equine welfare and therapy in support of improving equine performance and well-being, whatever the discipline.

Sally sees her experience as vital to her new role at HorseLight as she explains: “We all know how a sunny day can change one’s mood, but it goes much deeper than that, for instance affecting hormones, important in breeding and performance, as well as general horse health. Stable and yard lighting is a major factor greatly overlooked, and with the scientific information that HorseLight is now creating it is becoming possible to quantify by how much. The benefits are fascinating and complementary without conflicting with routines or other therapies. My experience means I understand how they fit with clients’ needs too, so I am looking forward to showing how HorseLight can provide the hardware solutions from individual stables to large yards and equestrian facilities, and potentially save clients money on long term power costs too – win, win!’

HorseLight is an advanced form of light therapy technology which is scientifically proven to enhance the health and wellbeing of horses. The company have worked closely with some of the UK’s leading breeders and studs. They have successfully introduced ground-breaking lighting techniques across the globe, creating bespoke lighting solutions and a range of made-to-order packages to suit specific needs and requirements.

P: +44 (0) 1285 896 440


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