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Premium Solarium 

Stallvärme’s Infra Premium Solarium is designed with the horse's well being as the focus. It is completely silent, easy to clean, and gives a soft heat which horses really enjoy. 

Unlike traditional solariums which often consume vast amounts of energy and take a long time to heat up the horse, Stallvärme’s Infra Solariums provide an innovative and optimal environment for you and your horse.

Stallvärme solariums have an expected lifetime of 20 - 30 years, and do not contain any glass or frames which could be a safety hazard to horse or owner.

It takes just 10-15 minutes to fully dry a horse after bathing/exercise which helps save on time and electricity.

The solarium achieves much deeper heating of the muscles using far-infrared panels instead of lights. 

It offers an adjustable height option, making it suitable for treadmills and other such facilities.

5 year guarantee


Stallvärme uses far-infrared technology to warm up the horse’s muscle tissue directly and not the air surrounding it, helping to raise core body temperature from within.


In pre-clinical studies, far-infrared radiation significantly reduces inflammation and increases cellular vitality.*

Warming up the horse before training helps to reduce the risk of injury, and allows the horse to feel more supple from the very start.

It dries a clipped horse in less than 15 minutes


Compared to other solariums which consume 6 - 18 kW, Stallvärme’s solariums are more energy efficient, using only 3.6 kW while still reaching 110°C, making it a cost effective heating solution for your horse and stable.

As there are no light bulbs in this device there is no need for constant replacement of blown bulbs!

*Pastore D et al. Curr Pharm Des. 2020; 26 (34): 4323-9.


The Premium system is delivered as a DIY kit to be assembled and will require additional fixings and chains (not included) depending on the positioning of the unit. The system weighs approx 75KG so must be suitably secured to prevent injury/damage.

It must be installed by a qualified electrician.  

Clearance above Horse is advised at 0.75m 

Mandatory clearances 
0.50m to any surrounding objects 0.50m to any wall or ceiling (Minimum)
0.50m to any electrical socket (Minimum)

Floor Clearance 2m above the floor (Minimum)

Suspend the Main Panel from a suitable fixing point using chain or strap capable of a load of 75kg per chain.

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