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Feedback from our satisfied customers; why don't you join the list and order today.


Carl Hester MBE




""The horses are much more settled in their stables in the evening under the red light. They barely even look up during late hay and final checks! The lighting level in the stables is bright and natural feeling, not a harsh glare and it’s controlled by sensors so only switches on if it’s dark and gloomy.


The horses appear to be calm and happy this autumn and we are looking forward to the many health benefits of HorseLight light therapy. I’m looking forward to cutting my electricity bills too!”


Maureen Haggas




“We have recently built a new barn and installed the HORSELIGHT system.


It is straightforward to operate and customise to your own working practices.


Compared to other systems it is economical and simple to use.


I would definitely use again."

blue light therapy for horses

Ed Walker



"We installed HorseLight lighting through our yard in 2018.

It is very hard to quantify their impact on the horses but I will say that since then the horses have looked fabulous, they have eaten better than ever and our results on the track have been very pleasing.

I think they really came into their own through the autumn and winter. We had a very good strike rate through this winter and the horses maintained their summer coats all the way through to spring.

As I say it is hard to quantify their contribution to the yard performance but I do not think it is a coincidence that we have been consistently running well since we installed them. They also give a much more crisp and clear light which has a positive visual impact on the yard."


James Ewart



"Since installing HorseLight, the horses in training have a prolonged summer coat and no sign of winter coat growth developing. In fact, the skin and coat condition is so good it’s like a mirror.


The advanced red light system has already shown to help the horses relax and the body repair and rejuvenate which is essential in improving the performance of sport horses."

light therapy for dressage horses

Daniel Bremner




"HorseLight has been incredibly beneficial for our horses here at DL Dressage. We had them installed in July 2021 and we did it to give our performance horses the best chance at gaining a competitive advantage.


We have already seen a difference in their attitude in the stable, a lot more relaxed and less banging! And being able to do “lates” and not to have to disturb their rest by turning on the main lights has had a significant effect. They are so quiet now!

We also come into a brightly lit barn in the dark mornings which really wakes you up and get our own body clock going too!"

Philip Spivey equestrian light therapy testimonial .jpg

Philip Spivey



"With HorseLight I have managed to create a facility suitable in aiding me to achieve my professional goals.


I truly believe with my horses stabled under HorseLight, that the added health benefits will reflect in the production of the elite young horses that we are training, making them future top level potentials in the very demanding sport of showjumping."

Paul Fitzsimons



"I have found HorseLight to be a reliable asset in my stable. HorseLight has been a progressive tool in my training regime as I have found it to be very beneficial due to the fact that it makes the days “longer” with the light, where in Sweden the winter months are very dark.

Our horses are thriving, their coats have come very quickly and the well being of the horses have been consistent throughout the whole winter.

We have a filly called Tassmania that came late into training this season and the light has helped her to come forward in her natural wellbeing and was unbeaten in her first 2 starts this year so far, with the second race being the Danish 1000 gunieas the first classic race for  the stable. 

I can highly recommend this product to other racehorse trainers and equestrians."

light therapy for race horses

Warren Greatrex




"I have had HorseLights installed in some of my stables for 3 seasons now and I am looking to buy more.

I can highly recommend them, they are very good value for money and the company demonstrates great Customer Service.

The horses look fantastic in their coats all year round, especially the mares, and I have had many people comment on this at the races."

light therapy for race horses
equestrian light therapy testimonial

Lizzie Drury



"We only recently installed HorseLight and the changes in the horse’s resting behaviour is already apparent. Our horses don’t get as much time in the paddock during winter months so having a more natural lighting effect indoors has been great. 

We all know how important rest is for our horses not only 

regarding their performance but general welfare."

light therapy for racehorses

Sarah Humphrey



"With racehorses it’s all about gaining that extra marginal edge for a competitive advantage. With breeding, diet and knowledge trainers have almost reached the limit of perfecting our horses’ condition for racing. But since installing HorseLight we seem to have added yet more potential!


Our horses have shown even greater improvement in coat condition and performance."

HorseLight LED Shorter Transparent.png

Jaqueline Clayton



" I had read about the many benefits of light therapy for humans with SAD and also how using daylight frequency light to extend summertime for horses can enhance wellbeing, performance and general health in stabled horses during the darker months. 
Being a hobby owner I was looking for an affordable system which could be added to if needed and was a simple install. HorseLight fitted the bill perfectly.

The system was installed in less than an hour and up and running the same day, the light is clean and bright without being glaring and makes the stable a nice place to be. I feel the benefit of the light myself being an SAD sufferer so I’m also benefitting when spending time with my horse. As I only purchased it a month ago it’s early days but I have noticed my horse objects when the light goes out at night despite there being security lights on the yard. He is chilled and happy in his stable and isn’t anxious about reduced turnout so far. 

I am looking forward to the long term benefits this system has to offer and hopefully less clipping which is a pet hate. 
Thank you HorseLight."

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