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HorseLight Black Friday Offer

Not long to go until Black Friday weekend and here at HorseLight we know that winter lighting is an essential part of horse and stable management. Not only do HorseLight stable lights give unrivalled equine health benefits but you can also reduce your electricity bills and your carbon footprint at the same time.

Buy 5 Horselight stable lights (Original or Advanced) and get a FREE controller. You can pay in 3 instalments, interest free with Klarna to make it even more attractive. But if you don’t want to wait until Black Friday just register your interest today by sending us a message on Facebook, Instagram or good old email.

Don’t let your horse suffer from depression or SAD this winter. There is strong evidence that horses, a species in which some of the body systems and hormonal activity are intrinsically linked to exposure to sunlight, are believed to be potential sufferers.

Depression is an illness that means the individual has sadness about everything in their life. We couldn’t agree more and we are constantly getting feedback from HorseLight customers that their horses are looking and performing incredibly well.

It’s a great opportunity to invest in HorseLight for a small private stable yard or livery barn with our Black Friday offer. Ends Monday 29th November.


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