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Install HorseLight now to delay the onset of the winter coat

We may be experiencing the hottest time of the year and the daylight hours are still plenty, but before you know it September will be here and the clipper blades being sent off to sharpen.

By increasing your horse’s exposure to the HorseLight blue light spectrum at the beginning and end of each day, the body thinks that it is still mid -summer and will keep the horse’s summer coat in place until the weather really begins to turn chilly. All you need to do is make the “day” in his stable longer by switching to the blue light an hour before the sun rises and for an hour after it sets. The automatic switch over to the red light (with HorseLight Advanced) will ensure the horse knows that it’s time for rest. At HorseLight we know that sleep and rest is as important. It has been shown that many horses can suffer from poor performance if they have been deprived of sleep.

So if you are planning to compete at HOYS and are wrapping rugs around your horse to keep his summer coat, you would be much better placed to install HorseLight as the coat growth isn’t just about heat it’s about the daylight hours.

Pictured here is Into the Blue (stable name Dynamo) , Louise Bell’s Grand Prix dressage horse who began his career in the show ring. As an expert producer of show horses Louise knows how important it is to keep the horse’s summer coat for the HOYS ring.

I installed HorseLight for Dynamo as he actually has quite irritable itchy skin that can break out in lumps. It has cured that completely! His showing days are long gone and I clip him for dressage but I must say that the coat re-growth seems to be much less. I think that for a show producer or even an amateur, investing in putting your horse under the HorseLight will give them a beautiful bloom to their coat and skin even with autumn around the corner! Easy to install, with a timer that does it all for you, I am hooked. Can’t recommend it enough."


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