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HorseLight helps maintain body condition

We had feedback from one of the leading equine nutritionists in the UK,

Lizzie Drury MSc. Nutr. with regard their horses that have been stabled under HorseLight.

"We have had HorseLight installed now for nearly a year now and over this time we have noticed a significant change in not just our horses behaviours during the day and night but also in how they are more able to maintain a more consistent bodyweight and body condition. I put this down to the fact that their eating patterns are more regular with regards to their forage and fibre intake and the noticeable change in an increased amount of time spent resting and sleeping, especially at night. The younger horses seem to have benefitted from the increased rest time, by being much more consistent through their first competition season and seemingly more able to recover from stay away competitions, with less early fatigue. In conjunction with correct nutrition and training, HorseLight has definitely helped with the performance of our horses and helped to support better digestive health through better eating patterns"


If you are keen to find out more about how HorseLight stable lights can help benefit the health and welfare of your horses, no matter their age or discipline, please give us a call and we can discuss the options open to you.


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