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HorseLight enables all horse owners to switch on to performance lighting

Horse owners, trainers and breeders can now take steps to improve the performance, health and wellbeing of their horses with ease through a new range of advanced, yet affordable LED stable lighting from HorseLight UK.

The HorseLight product range has been developed based on decades of knowledge and scientific research which proves that horse’s performance is improved under specific light conditions. In particular, the benefits to horses of blue light within the short-wavelength spectrum (465–485 nm) versus standard white lighting have long been recognised, given its close association to summer lighting conditions. When fitted in stables this light positively affect a horse’s Circadian Rhythm.

The HorseLight Silver and Gold lighting units emit exactly this wavelength of blue light, which means under this light helps to contribute to maintaining a horse’s summer condition for longer. Long term, this also improves a horse’s food conversion to muscle mass, daytime alertness and rest and sleep patterns at night. The improvement in coat condition results in a reduced frequency of clipping. Importantly, HorseLight also enhances the working environment in the stable.

The HorseLight Gold option also features a red night light, useful for late night feeding and observation, which doesn’t affect the circadian rhythm.

HorseLight’s design is simple, both to install and use, and makes this advanced technology accessible thanks to low pricing starting from £199+VAT. Also available is the Starter Kit, which you simply unpack, fix the HorseLight unit into a suitable position using basic tools and plug into a 13-amp socket. The timer provided is already pre-programmed with annual settings but can easily be changed for individual needs. Co-founder and owner of HorseLight, Torjus Baalack, says:

“HorseLight forms part of a new science-driven approach to keeping horses in top condition, fit and healthy and, for those who are competing, gain an extra marginal edge for a competitive advantage. We all feel better and more energetic during the summer months, and horses are no different, so finding a way to replicate those conditions for longer is only going to be beneficial – that’s why HorseLight is more than just a stable light.

“We’re a British based business dedicated to making this proven technology accessible to all horses owners, which we can do because of our sister company’s extensive experience in supplying and installing this type of advanced lighting in other agricultural sectors.”

HorseLight’s technology has directly evolved from that of its sister company, DairyLight, which has been providing lighting solutions for dairy farmers for more than six years. In a clear demonstration of how this blue light technology benefits all mammals, robust studies on DairyLight’s impact on dairy herds show that milk yields can be increased by as much as 10%, with improved food conversion when cows are kept under such light conditions.

For breeders, the benefits of prolonged use of HorseLight are even more valuable. The lighting technology is scientifically-proven to help achieve on time births for early foals and the size of the horse as a yearling, as well as enabling more reliable ovulation in mares which can improve conception rate. In addition, exposure to HorseLight can reduce gestation length and promote higher birth weights, as well as optimise the early reproductive capacity of stallions. Find out more about HorseLight and order online at

HorseLight UK’s MD Torjus Baalack explains:

“We know from a 2018 survey* that more than three quarters of owners say they would like to know more about preventive health care for their horse, but the benefits of optimised stable lighting has been until recently overlooked. Technology and science have revolutionised so many aspects of our daily lives. The science behind light and its effect and benefits on mammals is now so much better understood and there is no reason why we should not upgrade our stables with products like HorseLight.

“To benefit a horse to maximum effect, stable lighting must have an optimised spectrum at the right intensity. It must also be controlled by a timer function which is set to the seasonal rise and setting of the sun, thus strengthening the circadian rhythm in the horse.

“The key is blue light within the short-wavelength spectrum (465–485 nm) – this is the most effective at regulating Melatonin (the sleep hormone) secretion, as Melanopsin production, its precursor, is particularly sensitive to this type of light.

“Using normal off the shelf white LED or fluorescent lights do not deliver sufficient blue light at the level of intensity required to have sufficient effect on Melatonin suppression. That’s why we developed our HorseLight system to provide the optimum spectrum of light for horses.

“Most stable lights are installed only to help those who work in the stable. HorseLight, however, is installed to benefit the horse, but in doing so it creates and much better work environment as well.”

HorseLight UK offers stable lighting options complete with timers and DIY installation kits to allow for easy stable light upgrading from single stablers to full yards. An advanced Gold option is also available which provides an additional red light at night. This is particularly useful as observational light for foaling mares or arriving home late at night from competitions without having to switch on the normal light and wake the stable up.

Find out more about the science behind HorseLight and the products at

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