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Install your HorseLight in a few simple steps

HorseLights are designed so that horse can benefit from the enhanced performance and wellbeing they offer. That is why we’ve made them really easy to fit.

If your horse is lucky enough to get a HorseLight for their stable this Christmas, or if you have never purchased one before, here’s a quick guide on how to install it if you want to do-it-yourself.

Fitting doesn’t require any special tools and if you have a standard 13 amp socket in your stable you won’t need an electrician either. The HorseLight Silver Starter Kit consists are three main parts:

• A light • Cabling • A timer unit Tools you will need: • A Philips screwdriver • Small hammer • Ruler or tape measure • Pencil

Step 1 Unpack. Identify a suitable location to fit the HorseLight to the stable roof structure – a wooden beam is ideal to fix directly to or hang from chains. Both fixing and chains are supplied. Try to hang the light as central in the stable as possible.

Step 2 Fix the brackets to the wooden roof beam or ceiling using the screws provided. The brackets need to be positioned about 1m apart, but this is flexible. If you are attaching the brackets to a brick, masonry or metal structure you will also need to use appropriate wall plugs and/or fixings.

Step 3 Attach the HorseLight unit by lining it up with the brackets and tighten using the screws provided.

Step 4 Connect the cable to the HorseLight unit at one end, then run the cable along the roof beam and use the cable clips provided to keep this fixed in position (i.e. so the cable doesn’t hang down in any way). Run it down the wall in the same way towards where the timer will be positioned.

Step 5 Fit the timer with 2 screws to the wall next to the socket. Connect the cable to the timer unit. This is pre-set so you shouldn’t need to adjust but instructions on how to do this are provided.

Step 6 Plug in to a mains 13 amp socket and you’re all set.

You can view our installation video at the bottom of this page. Need further help?

If you have any queries with the fitting and operation of a HorseLight, please complete our contact form or give us a call on +44 (0) 1285 896 440 and we will be able to help.

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