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It’s Autumn so it’s time to change your HorseLight seasonal settings.

It’s the beginning of October and autumn is well and truly here in the UK with darker mornings and much obviously shorter days. HorseLight equine lighting therapy systems have been designed to maintain the longer days delivering extended periods of light. In order to do this the Autumn setting needs to be activated on your HorseLight timed controller. HorseLight have made this process very simple for you with the timed controller already being pre-programmed with 4 simple settings for each season, coinciding with the natural rise and fall in daylight hours.

- 1- Summer

1st Apr- 30th Sept

- 2- Autumn

1st Oct-14th Nov

- 3 Winter

15th Nov- 15th Jan

- 4- Spring

16th Jan- 30 March

Setting 2 is required for Autumn providing 15 hours of light for the horse and 9 hours of rest, being switched on at 6AM and turning off at 9PM. The season setting can be changed by the click of just one button on the

This is the timer button, when pressed once it will say “1 On”, when pressed twice it will say “2 On” meaning it is on the Autumn setting and you are ready to go.

The timer unit will switch the red lights (of the HorseLight Advanced system) over in the evenings, which will help release the melatonin that your horse needs for rest and recuperation and also acts as an observational light for you to see without switching the lights back on!

At HorseLight we pride ourselves on our excellent after-sales and installation support for all our customers, if you have any problems with changing the seasonal settings on your lights, please get in contact with us on; or +44 (0) 1285 896 440

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