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See the light with a proven, proactive way to keep your horses in good health

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Advanced lighting technology for stables which is scientifically proven to improve the health, wellbeing and performance of horses is something that all types of owners could be utilising to keep their horses fit and healthy, not just those operating larger stables.

HorseLight UK, which is one of the pioneers of this technology, offers lighting products that owners large or small can install in their stables, whether private individual leisure riders, sport horse owners or thoroughbred trainers or breeders. The principle of the technology centres around how specific light wavelengths can affect, regulate and strengthen the Circadian Rhythm in horses and the secretion of Melatonin, also known as the sleep hormone.

The benefits to horses and owners are far-reaching according to HorseLight. The immediate effect noted is how well the horse looks, as horses under lights will have a summer coat from spring to late autumn, but there are host of other benefits too such as enabling breeders to bring mares into season early, ready stallions earlier and improving performance. HorseLight UK’s MD Torjus Baalack explains:

“We know from a 2018 survey* that more than three quarters of owners say they would like to know more about preventive health care for their horse, but the benefits of optimised stable lighting has been until recently overlooked. Technology and science have revolutionised so many aspects of our daily lives. The science behind light and its effect and benefits on mammals is now so much better understood and there is no reason why we should not upgrade our stables with products like HorseLight.

“To benefit a horse to maximum effect, stable lighting must have an optimised spectrum at the right intensity. It must also be controlled by a timer function which is set to the seasonal rise and setting of the sun, thus strengthening the circadian rhythm in the horse.

“The key is blue light within the short-wavelength spectrum (465–485 nm) – this is the most effective at regulating Melatonin (the sleep hormone) secretion, as Melanopsin production, its precursor, is particularly sensitive to this type of light.

“Using normal off the shelf white LED or fluorescent lights do not deliver sufficient blue light at the level of intensity required to have sufficient effect on Melatonin suppression. That’s why we developed our HorseLight system to provide the optimum spectrum of light for horses.

“Most stable lights are installed only to help those who work in the stable. HorseLight, however, is installed to benefit the horse, but in doing so it creates and much better work environment as well.”

HorseLight UK offers stable lighting options complete with timers and DIY installation kits to allow for easy stable light upgrading from single stablers to full yards. An advanced Gold option is also available which provides an additional red light at night. This is particularly useful as observational light for foaling mares or arriving home late at night from competitions without having to switch on the normal light and wake the stable up.

Find out more about the science behind HorseLight and the products at

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