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Shine a light on your horse’s training with Horselight

This brand new lighting product from HorseLight, the High Bay Arena Light is specifically designed for outdoor and indoor arena lighting, providing unbeatable daylight conditions for your horse’s training.

An arena requires a crisp light output, especially when working through movements, using Cavaletti poles or jumping. This durable and eco-friendly arena lighting system from HorseLight delivers this and much more in a user-friendly format. It is suitable for new builds as well as replacement of existing lighting systems, giving you reduced electricity costs and carbon footprint compared to standard florescent or tungsten lighting. It is fully waterproof and does not require a timer, it can be simply turned on and off at the switch and with a lifespan of 50,000 hours will give you years of bright daylight working conditions.

Don’t let dark nights discourage you from riding, with High Bay Arena Lights your horse may not even realise the evening has drawn in. Innovative lighting solutions from HorseLight can now prolong daylight hours both in and out of the stable.

HorseLight work closely with some of the UK’s leading breeders and studs. They have successfully introduced ground-breaking lighting techniques across the globe, creating bespoke lighting solutions and a range of made-to-order packages to suit specific needs and requirements. Get in touch today and trust the experts to help you achieve your equestrian goals this year. Click link below to shop.

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