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HorseLight team up with StallVarme Solariums

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

HorseLight are delighted to announce they are the official UK

stockist of the new generation far-infrared equine solariums manufactured by Stallvarme.

The Premium and Warm & Dry Stallvarme solariums are a totally new experience for horse and owner alike.

Both solariums are silent, easy to clean and use much less in the way of electricity that a typical equine solarium. Their design which has no glass or bulbs is much safer and has no need for bulb replacement, which as many solarium owners know can be a real issue.

Stallvärme uses far-infrared technology to warm up the horse’s muscle tissue directly and not the air surrounding it, helping to raise core body temperature from within.

In preclinical studies, far-infrared radiation significantly reduces in-flammation and increases cellular vitality. Warming up the horse before training helps to reduce the risk of injury, and allows the horse to feel more supple from the very start.

One of the key functions that solariums offer is to dry off a horse that has been worked/bathed. The StallVarme solariums do this in a much quicker time frame than that of a traditional solarium heat source and use much less energy in doing so.

Compared to other solariums which consume 6 - 18 kW, Stallvärme’s solariums are more energy efficient, using only 3.6 kW while still reaching 230°F, making it a cost effective

heating solution for your horse and stable.

With two variations on offer the prices start from £4080 (+vat) for the Premium and £10,710 (+vat) for the Warm & Dry, which includes metal name plate personalisation, electric winch for full adjustment, LED strip lighting and adjustable side panels. Must be installed by a qualified electrician.

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